New Writing

‘South London’s new writing powerhouse.’ – The Stage

Literary Policy

The White Bear welcomes the submission of unsolicited scripts.  These can be sent to:

The Literary Department
The White Bear Theatre
138 Kennington Park Road
SE11 4DJ

If you need to have the script returned then we would ask that you enclose an SASE (self-addressed and stamped envelope).

Scripts will normally be read within a four month period by one of our readers and feedback will be provided.  In the event of our wanting to develop the script further, either in the form of a script surgery, rehearsed reading, or full production, the writer/production company will be contacted to discuss a possible meeting.

The White Bear is committed to seeking out the country’s future playwrights and working with them over a sustained period of time to nurture and develop their talents.

We are open to any style of script (farce, tragedy, horror, etc.) and are especially interested in scripts that portray modern urban society in all its complexity, dealing with issues that are pertinent to the diverse communities that we belong to, both nationally and internationally.  We also welcome texts that have no apparent political or ideological content, but that tell a human story in an innovative and compelling way.

Any queries can be sent to

The Lost Classics Project

The Lost Classics Project (LCP) has, since its inception, been a vital force for expanding the repertory of historical theatre in performance today. Responsible for the first modern productions of numerous renaissance works (such as Westward Ho, by Thomas Dekker and John Webster, and Ben Jonson’s final play, The Magnetic Lady), the project has also staged ground breaking works from more recent history, notably housing the first uncensored productions of two of John Osborne’s supposedly lost early plays (Personal Enemy and The Devil Inside of Him).

In its new incarnation, the LCP features a carefully curated selection of plays annually. From obscure slices of forgotten history, to untouched alternatives from the edges of living memory, the LCP challenges preconceptions and promotes the constant artistic and cultural reassessment of writers, movements, ages, genres and texts.

With the White Bear reopening, we will also be incorporating a programme of workshops and talks based around the plays featured in each season, as well as working to thoroughly archive and document each production, connecting with actors, audiences and academics alike to deepen the practical understanding of what historical texts can mean in performance.