Don Quixote in Algiers

by Dermot Murphy

Captured by pirates, held for ransom for years, he’s a soldier who wants to be a writer.  Is this Don Quixote in Algiers who and what he says he is?

He was in a battle where Christians defeated Muslims.  Relations between the Islamic and European powers are tense and difficult.  He says he’s Christian.  Ali, his captor is Muslim.  He’s working for Ali;  what’s he telling him?  Ali’s daughter loves her father but she’s made him angry.  He’s arranging a marriage and she so doesn’t want a husband.  She knows he has tried to escape before.  Perhaps Don Quixote could organise another escape and take her with him to get away from Algiers.  Will he take such a risk?

When was this?  Well, he was Miguel de Cervantes and Algiers was a multicultural, cosmopolitan city.  Both sides had slaves and pirates, both wanted power and the money to support it.  This is the background to “Don Quixote in Algiers”.  The four characters know what they want and tussle with freedom, truth, women’s place, identity and trust to get there.  How far can you compromise in this enduring, awkward relationship?  What’s the cost?

From Condor Theatre Company

Directed by Franko Figueiredo

Performance dates:
7th February – 4th March 2017

Tuesday – Saturday 7:30pm, Sunday 4pm

Tickets £15/£12 conc. Get them here!