The Poetry of Exile

The Poetry of Exile – 28th March – 22nd April

by Peter Hamilton, directed by Ken McClymont

The Poetry of Exile is a moving blend of male infertility in Romford, Gender Fluidity, 8th Century Chinese poetry and vintage clarets.

These are just some of the concerns of Rob, a Romford Driving Instructor; Josie, a housewife with ambitions to start a vineyard; Jemma, a woman desperate to have children and Greg, a man whose business is going downhill.

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This play asks some very important questions, such as ‘Can Roman Catholic men take the Sperm Test on the NHS? Just how fluid should Gender Fluidity be or is designating yourself to be a 19th Century Cornish Sailing Lugger taking too much of a liberty? Are the wines of the Languedoc grossly undervalued? Were the Chinese poets of the Tang Dynasty the first drop-outs in History? Why are people in Dagenham and Romford nicer than most?’

Tickets £15/£12 conc.