The Provoked Wife

Marooned Theatre presents

The Provoked Wife by John Vanbrugh
13-17 June, 8:30pm
Tickets £12 (£10 conc.)

‘Marriage is a slippery thing’ …

Sir John Brute has only been married two years and he’s already sick of it – nothing but drinking can ease the burden. The marriage is equally tedious for his wife, Lady Brute. Temptation arrives in the form of a young man and Lady Brute decides to liven up her love life. But when the vain and scheming Lady Fanciful gets wind of it, she means to expose the scandal no matter the cost.
Champagne is popped and secret loves revealed, but whether all will end happily is anyone’s guess. Vanbrugh’s cutting satire on the idle rich comes to life in Marooned Theatre’s rollicking new production.